M-Series Chip Vulnerability and Other Latest News

M-Series Chip Vulnerability Could Lead to Encryption Key Leakage A newly discovered vulnerability in Apple’s M-series chips could allow an attacker to obtain keys for various encryption operations from a Mac, researchers said in a paper on March 21, Ars Technica reported. In the vulnerability, named GoFetch, an attacker exploits a feature of the M-series …

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Total Uninstaller 2024 Review – The Best Windows Uninstaller Has Just Upgraded

Total Uninstaller is our editor’s choice for the best Windows uninstaller for years. Now, the latest version Total Uninstaller 2024 has just arrived, with newly-added tools and revamped removal core. In this new review, these following apps including Affinity Designer and Epic Games Launcher, are testing to justify whether it is still working as it …

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Intel Unison Review

Cell phones have long been an important and indispensable tool for many jobs, but for office workers, they often have to complete their work in front of the computer, such as using Office, Photoshop, programming and other software, and it is really annoying to switch back and forth between the phone and computer. If you …

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Best Mac Apps 2023

Adguard Adguard is a free online security software that helps protect your online privacy and security. It provides a variety of features to help you keep your computer safe, including a password manager, a virus scanner, and a secure browser. It also offers a number of other features to make your online experience more comfortable, …

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Latest Tech News

Classic Editor Atom Codebase Moves to Archival Status Atom, originally released by GitHub in 2015, was once one of the most popular editors, but development has slowed in recent years, giving way to Visual Studio Code, developed by the Microsoft organization. 71.06 percent, respectively. Atom’s legacy also includes Electron (formerly known as Atom Shell), which …

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VMware Workstation Pro 17 Review

Virtual Machine software allows you to run several different systems on a single operating system, such as Ubuntu and Windows 7 on Windows 10, without rebooting your computer, and can be used for various development, testing or running software on different platforms.