MacRemover Review

MacRemover is the one of the must-have app removal tools recommended by our editors. It is the best Mac app removal tool that you can use it for a very long time, as it is compatible with most Mac devices running old or latest operating systems. The app removal capability is the best in class, allowing you to get rid of any Mac app completely with ease. In this review, we’ll be testing the latest version MacRemover 2024 on our MacBook Air with M3.

Uninstall Wondershare PDFelement Pro with MacRemover

Wondershare PDFelement Pro is a powerful and feature-rich PDF editor that serves as a robust alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It is a powerful PDF editor that offers a suite of advanced PDF processing tools. Developed by Wondershare Technology, it supports AI editing of PDF documents, format conversion, document annotation, AI intelligent translation, automatic generation of indexes, and more. The software is designed to make PDF editing as easy as using Word, suitable for various document formats and languages. Additionally, PDFelement Pro supports 3D LUT import/export, offers 32-bit processing per channel to ensure image quality is not compromised, and provides an innovative, ultra-intuitive interface, setting PDFelement Pro apart from many other PDF editors.

Testing result: MacRemover is able to completely remove Wondershare PDFelement Pro and related files.

Uninstall Cisdem PDF Compressor with MacRemover

Cisdem PDF Compressor is an intelligent PDF compression tool designed to reduce the size of PDF files while maintaining the best possible quality. This software can reduce the size of PDF files by up to 90% and offers preset and custom filters, allowing users to decide the size and quality of the PDF. Cisdem PDF Compressor is a Mac application that allows users to easily compress and reduce the file size of PDF documents. Cisdem PDF Compressor is designed to help users compress large, image-heavy PDF files in batches. It provides several preset compression modes – Minimal File Size, Small File Size, Medium File Size, and Large File Size – that allow you to quickly optimize PDF file size based on your needs. The app also allows you to customize the compression settings, such as adjusting the resolution and image quality, to find the right balance between file size and document quality. Cisdem PDF Compressor supports compressing multiple PDF files at once and shows the original and optimized file sizes in real-time as the compression is happening. The app is focused on preserving the quality and formatting of the original PDF document, even after significant compression. It can handle PDFs of all versions without requiring Adobe Acrobat. Cisdem PDF Compressor is a simple and effective tool for Mac users who need to regularly compress and reduce the file size of their PDF documents for sharing, emailing, or saving storage space.

Testing result: MacRemover is able to completely remove Cisdem PDF Compressor and related files.

Uninstall DVD-Cloner 2024 with MacRemover

DVD-Cloner 2024 is a powerful DVD and Blu-ray copying software that offers a simple one-click solution to create 1:1 copies of DVDs or Blu-rays. It provides various copying options, including full disc copying, movie-only copying, split copying, or custom copying. Additionally, the software supports multiple language subtitles and audio track selections to cater to the needs of users worldwide. DVD-Cloner 2024 comes with a range of advanced features, such as support for copying the latest DVD and Blu-ray movies, the ability to remove all known DVD protections like CSS, CPPM, APS, UOP, RipGuard, and any region code. It can also copy DVDs with Sony ARccOS bad sectors. Moreover, the software offers video ripping functionality, allowing DVD videos to be ripped into MKV format and supports copying DVDs to ISO image files on the hard drive. For professional users, DVD-Cloner offers more advanced options, such as complete control over the manipulation of video discs and files in the expert interface. The software’s user interface is divided into “Express Interface” and “Expert Interface,” with the former providing basic information and operations, while the latter opens up all the customization options and advanced features. DVD-Cloner 2024 supports various disc types and formats, including the copying and ripping of 4K UHD Blu-ray movies, and offers multiple disc burning options to optimize playback on different devices. DVD-Cloner 2024 is a versatile DVD and Blu-ray copying software suitable for a wide range of user needs, from basic copying to advanced custom copying and ripping.

Testing result: MacRemover is able to completely remove DVD-Cloner 2024 and related files.

Uninstall Permute with MacRemover

Permute is a multimedia conversion software designed for macOS, offering a simple way to convert video, audio, and image files. The software is characterized by its user-friendly interface and powerful functionality. Users just need to drag and drop files into the application, select the desired format, and quickly complete the conversion. Permute supports a wide range of formats, including common video, audio, and image formats such as MP4, HEVC, AAC, MP3, WAV, PNG, JPEG, etc., and offers various functions like video to audio conversion, image conversion, PDF merging, and more. The latest version of Permute is 3.11.9, compatible with macOS 10.14.6 and higher. The software has a rating of 4.9/5 on the Mac App Store and has received widespread praise from users. Permute also offers a family sharing feature, allowing up to six family members to use the application.

Testing result: MacRemover is able to completely remove Permute and related files.

Uninstall GoodTask with MacRemover

GoodTask is a task management app based on Apple’s Reminders and Calendars. It offers a wealth of features that allow users to achieve higher productivity levels on top of Reminders and Calendars. GoodTask is suitable for a variety of situations, from simple lists to complex project management. It can be used on the Widget and Apple Watch, allowing users to check lists and calendar events on the go, and manage detailed subtasks for each task. The main features of GoodTask include synchronization with iOS Reminders and Calendars, support for fully customizable recurring tasks, easy management of reminder lists and calendars, daily, weekly, and monthly views for each list, and quick intelligent addition of presets and text snippets. Additionally, it offers a smart list feature that allows filtering tasks based on needs, such as by tag, priority, overdue tasks, and more. Users can also create custom smart lists to fit specific workflows. GoodTask provides additional functionality on top of the native Reminders, such as smart task lists and template-based quick addition of new tasks. Smart task lists allow users to automatically categorize tasks based on task details, enhancing work efficiency. The template-based quick addition of new tasks feature makes the process of adding new tasks more efficient and convenient. GoodTask offers multiple views to manage tasks, including list view and task view, as well as a star button in the lower right corner for quickly switching between different smart task lists. It also supports subtask functionality and provides a custom syntax format for subtasks. GoodTask has a rating of 4.7 on the App Store, reflecting widespread user satisfaction. The app’s subscription is optional, designed to support the app’s ongoing development. Subscriptions include all features within the app and support family sharing.

Testing result: MacRemover is able to completely remove GoodTask and related files.

MacRemover is the Best Mac App Uninstaller

In this round of testing, MacRemover can remove all the files of the apps completely with ease. It is recommended by our editor as the best app removal tool you should have.