Total Uninstaller 2023 Hand-on Review

In this post, we’ll try to use Total Uninstaller 2023 to see whether it is working as it states. At the same time, we’ll also introduce a bit about the apps that is used during the removal testing.

App #1: Uninstall Zettlr Using Total Uninstaller 2023

Zettlr is a free and open source software, which means that its source code is open and the application is free. However, it also means that there are no paid employees behind the application – it is completely managed by the community. This means that writing professional texts is both easy with Zettlr: whether you are a university student, researcher, journalist or writer – Zettlr has the right tool for you. Writing is an essential part of our daily lives. Why make it complicated? Zettlr redefines what it means to write. It’s slim, fast and versatile. Focus on what’s important to you. In modern times, accessing large amounts of information is almost as difficult as trying to plug in a USB drive the right way the first time. Zettlr allows you to link pieces of information using the state-of-the-art Zettelkasten method. Linking? Check. File identification? Check. Document marker? Check again. The best part: unlike many of its competitors, Zettlr will never lock you out. Zettlr supports almost every conceivable way to create links and identify your files. In other words: no matter where you’re from – all Zettelkästen are beautiful and supported by Zettlr. Right out of the box.

Zettlr integrates well with reference managers such as Zotero, JabRef or Juris-M. Simply load your library into Zettlr and start referencing it. Zettlr adheres strictly to established standards and does not reinvent the wheel. Citations can be loaded using CSL-JSON or BibTex, and the citation processor uses only the citation style language, which is the de facto industry standard for citations. This allows you to use one of over 9,000 different styles from the official Zotero repository! Thanks to its design flexibility, Zettlr supports an out-of-the-box dark mode, as well as many different themes to suit your needs. Switching is as easy as pushing a button. Not satisfied with the themes provided? No problem: Zettlr allows complete customization of each element; you can even create completely new themes with custom CSS!

Whether you’re dealing with a large number of notes (like Zettelkasten) or just have a large number of files containing different important content: Zettlr’s revolutionary heatmap search lets you find every note you’ve ever written. No more confusion about where to cite! Twitter invented them, and everyone has adopted them ever since: Hashtags! Zettlr takes it a step further by not only allowing you to link and categorize your notes using hashtags, but using its hashtag manager, you can assign colors to tags to instantly visualize your notes. Zettlr does a great job of fulfilling your desires. From your first college article to your dissertation: writing an entire book is as easy as creating a new project with Zettlr’s advanced features tailored for researchers, journalists, and novelists. Zettlr will never get in your way, just as a good application should. Zettlr is a desktop application based on Markdown syntax and offers many features that help improve user productivity. I can say that it is a very efficient and easy-to-use tool that greatly improves the efficiency of document creation, editing and management, making it a very useful application that is appreciated by many users. Its ease of use, usefulness and rich features make it a very convenient application for users.

Uninstall as it states: In the testing, our expert team has found that Total Uninstaller 2023 can completely and effectively uninstall Zettlr app and remove related registry entries & files.

App #2: Uninstall Fort Firewall Using Total Uninstaller 2023

Fort Firewall is an open source and simple Windows firewall application. Today, many of us use a combination of Windows Firewall or routers to manage our privacy and security. Fort Firewall currently allows you to make some changes to your Windows firewall. It is a simple firewall for Windows with many rich features.

Protecting your computer from threats on the Internet often means that Internet access must be more tightly filtered. What better way to do this than to use a firewall? By default, Windows comes with a firewall. If you are not satisfied with this and are looking for more ways to control and monitor your PC’s access to the Internet, Fort Firewall may be an exceptional way to do so. As far as its features are concerned, you get the complete package. Start by filtering content by network address or grouping applications on your PC. Restrict Internet access and speed or use for certain applications. Keep a close eye on the evolution of the PC connection by analyzing the stored traffic statistics. Get the help you need from the graphical display showing the bandwidth evolution. If you add to this the fact that the entire program is based on WFP (also known as Windows Filtering Platform), you will conclude that the application is very well integrated with the Windows operating system. Probably the most interesting aspect for basic users is the additional security it can offer to your PC. In fact, you may be able to improve the security of your PC by providing more control space and more options to customize your Internet usage to your personal preferences, but it’s up to you. Don’t be afraid though, if there are certain exceptions, you can simply add them to a whitelist so you don’t overprotect your machine. Fort Firewall is an application that doesn’t necessarily bring something new to the table. Instead, it uses the classic formula. Nonetheless, it still gives you better control over your PC’s Internet connection, the way certain applications use your bandwidth, and how your machine interacts with the Internet to accomplish various tasks. Every aspect of the application is designed to simplify the way you interact with your PC’s firewall security system.

Uninstall as it states: In the testing, our expert team has found that Total Uninstaller 2023 can completely and effectively uninstall Fort Firewall app and remove related registry entries & files.

App #3: Uninstall PDFsam Basic Using Total Uninstaller 2023

PDFsam Basic is a free, open source, multi-platform software designed to split, merge, extract pages, mix and rotate PDF files. If you usually have a regular need to deal with PDF files and do not want to install a professional editor like Adobe Acrobat DC, PDFsam Basic may be able to meet your daily needs. In terms of PDF processing, there is a large amount of software available for this purpose. However, since so many tools have been developed for this purpose, people may wonder which one is best for them. Personal preference, popularity, ease of use and other factors may constitute the reason why someone chooses such an application. If you only need to complete basic tasks and have not had the opportunity to try out PDF tools, PDFsam Basic may be of interest to you.

First, when you open the application, you will notice that the tools are UI-centric, much like a calendar. You can change the view by clicking on any feature. For example, if you click Merge, all modules will be sorted in a new sidebar, while the rest of the space is used for file processing. To quickly merge files, make sure they have been added, select the desired merge settings, choose the output path, and click Run. When the process is complete, a new merge menu will pop up near the Run button. This menu allows for faster splitting, rotating and extracting operations. As with the merge process, the same pattern applies to all features. Whether you want to split files, extract specific elements or just rotate them, you only need to follow the same steps. As a small observation, make sure you don’t forget to add the .pdf or .PDF extension each time you determine the output location and name of a new file. Without the extension input, the application will not be able to continue any of the processes you have prepared. All in all, at the end of the day, PDFsam Basic bears its name and provides you with some basic PDF tools. However, basic is not necessarily a disadvantage, as there are many users who prefer the simplicity of a simple application over bothering with more complex ones.

Uninstall as it states: In the testing, our expert team has found that Total Uninstaller 2023 can completely and effectively uninstall PDFsam Basic app and remove related registry entries & files.

In conclusion, Total Uninstaller 2023 is the ideal choice as Windows uninstaller. It can get the removal job done as expected, and it is cheap and affordable with lifetime pricing option.