What Should I Do Before My Parents Get Old?

Did you seriously think the question ‘what should I do before my parents get old?’ Without a stable source of income they won’t know if they have extra money to travel once a year or 5 time a year. And it’s worse still if they have no savings, even retirement money. Take this situation into consideration, what should I do as their children? Refer to a few of tips listed as followed:

A: Ar first, what you have to do is to not be dependent on your parents financially. You have your own income and it’s able to financially tap into the massive savings.

B: Planing a long trip together to make them realize how much you care about.

C: Accompany parents at home for some special days.

D: Have a long phone conversation every week.

E: If you have a highly-paid job, give them the pocket money in time to guarantee their living standard. If possible, have your own savings set aside for parental care, buy the best health insurance for them.

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