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FBI Moneypak Virus has been reported recently to be another version of malware which will lock users’ computers and request for money to unlock. It states that your online activities have been against the law of the country so that it locks your computer screen to stop you from accessing to your computer any more. Similar malware like GVU Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung Ransomware will also block you from getting into your desktop. With a “legitimate” appearance FBI Moneypak Virus has tricked more and more computer users into its trap and got them to pay 100 dollars as a penalty. This is known as a worldwide cyber financial fraud targeting at vast vulnerable computer users. Although it’s impossible for you to stop this illegal activity, it’s up to you to stop it from annoying you and your computer.

This attack is spread through malicious websites that have been set up by the hackers, as well as real websites that have been infected with the Green Dot Moneypak virus. When these websites are visited it is very easy for the virus file to simply be dropped onto the visitors computer. Another way that it is spread across millions of computers is through mass emailing. This SPAM tactic involves sending millions of emails a day that contain an attachment that contains the virus download and when the attachment is opened it will automatically install the virus on the computer. The body of the email is written in a way that encourages the reader to open the attachment, often claiming that it is a picture of them or some other personal information that will spark their interest enough to click on. This is why opening emails and attachments from unknown senders is so dangerous!

Once installed, the virus will block the operation of all applications and a lock screen of the warning message will be displayed. The IP address of the computer is displayed and it states that it will be used for future identification. The webcam (if on is present) can also be hijacked and it will display a live video feed on the lock screen, stating that the video is being watched in order to identify the owner so criminal charges can be filed. Also, it states that pictures saved on the computer will also be used for identification purposes. This is enough to scare many users into thinking that this is a real message coming from the FBI and they quickly pay the fine out of fear and to avoid the criminal charges. Click here to learn more detailed steps to remove this FBI virus completely with YooSecurity removal guide.

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