VilmaTech Guides PC Users How to Remove FBI Cybercrime Division Virus

FBI Cybercrime Division Virus is a notorious cyber threat that dupes innocent users and damages their computers. One of typical symptoms was locking victim computer with a bogus notification that scared to pay $300 in three days; if not, a criminal case is the charge against victim. In many cases, victims are freaking out that the notification looked real that it has the logo of institution and their computers can’t access to desktop or run any programs. The frauds are in the disguise of FBI to fool and scam users, but there is no FBI Cybercrime Division in fact. This virus usually requires victims to pay MoneyPak voucher. In earlier, it took Windows computers as targets but later it began to attack Mac.

FBI Cybercrime Division Virus

It is not easy to detect it for it modifies related programs in system and creates its own files. And it always comes wit a sudden that it is too late to run security to deal with it. After infection, it will induce much danger in computer. If users pay for the fine, the related financial information like ID information and password might be leak and stolen by hackers and the third-party. The virus also trigger other malware in system that malware is able to destroy computer under weak protection. Users need to remove FBI Cybercrime Division virus once infected rather than convince scam page.

Firstly, reboot computer on Safe Mode with Networking.

Reboot and tap F8 several times and highlight Safe Mode with Networking then press Enter key.
If the above step can’t work it must be blocked by virus. Try to reboot again and tab F8 constantly to Enter Advanced Options. Highlight Safe Mode with System Prompt then press Enter key. In next window, type “cd restore” where the cursor is flashing then press Enter. In the next window, type “rsruit.exe” then press Enter. When it pop-ups System Restore window, following the wizard to restore files.

Secondly, restore system files.

This step is for the users who are successful in first step (a). Win 7/vista users can type “system restore” after opening start menu. Win 8 users can click Settings and type “create a restore point”.
After enter system restore window, click on system restore button and then create a restore point for files.
After restore process is over, click Finish to end.

Thirdly, remove leftovers of virus.

Type “regedit” to open Registry Editor.
Navigate and scroll down the values and keys on the entry trees.
Delete all the files or folders related to FBI Cybercrime Division Virus. And reboot computer.

Fourthly, this step is for Mac.

Open Safari and click on tool icon. Select Reset Safari in the list.
In showing windows, check the items and click on Reset button. Then reboot Safari.

Though FBI Cybercrime Division Virus (click here to view the post from VilmaTech Blog) seems fierce and foxy, there still solution to removing it. Due to the means it enters computer, users should be careful when try to security scan on the internet, download free software thought that useful for you or click on the links that contains lots of commercial ads and pornographic content. It is essential to learn how to protect computer rather than manage to remove after being attacking by cyber threat. If you need more information about the computer virus removal instructions from VilmaTech online support, you can subscribe their offcial blog which would publishs the latest news of PC security issues in the whole world.

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