Troubleshoot Office 2007 can not be completely or properly uninstall

Some users say that they can not use the “Add or Remove Programs” in the Windows XP Control Panel or “Uninstall program” in Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Control Panel to remove the Office 2007 suite or its components, resulting in Office software cannot be properly installed. How do we gonna do?

Stop Office Source Engine service:
Click “Start” -> “Run”, type services.msc, and press Enter. Find the “Office Source Engine” in the Server Manager, if the state is not “stop”, then right-click and select “Stop.” Exit Service Manager.

Remove Office 2007 installer package:
Click “Start” -> “Run”, type installer, press Enter. Right-click on the blank of right side of the window, select “View” -> “Details”; “Sort by” -> “theme.”
(Note: if Vista and Win 7 users do not see this option, go to the “Sort by” -> “More” -> “Subject” ) Click each MSI file, look for more information, if its subject contains related text like “Microsoft Office XXX 2007″ , right-click on the msi file and select “Uninstall.”

Remove the Office 2007 installation folder:
Click “Start” -> “Run”, type% CommonProgramFiles% \ Microsoft Shared, Enter. If the following folders appear: Office12, Source Engine, remove it. Open again “Start” -> “Run”, type% ProgramFiles% \ Microsoft Office, Enter. If Office12 folder appear, delete it. In the address bar, enter “system disk drive: \ MSOCache \ All Users”, delete all the folders name contain “0FF1CE}.

Remove the Office 2007 installation files:
Click “Start” -> “Run”, type% appdata% \ microsoft \ templates, Enter. Delete the following two files: Normal.dotm, Normalemail.dotm. Open again “Start” -> “Run”, type% temp%, Enter. Delete all the files under the Temp folder. Open the “Start” -> “Run”, type% AllUsersprofile% \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Office \ Data, Enter. Delete only the Opa12.dat file.

Use a fast and easy third-party software to remove Microsoft Office registry sub-key once and for all. Here Office 2007 is uninstalled.

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