Trojan horse TDSS.CA – How to Remove Trojan horse TDSS.CA

Trojan horse TDSS.CA is a detrimental and dangerous virus which is easy to be caught with. Whenever and wherever it would intrude into the computers randomly without users’ permissions, and cause serious damage. The author has learned some virus removal instructions from the official blog of VilmaTech Online Support.( and will share some useful tips with Windows users. Once your computer is infected with Trojan horse TDSS.CA, it will secretly shut down all the security software, that is why you haven’t got any alarm and did not realize that your computer has already been infected until it got ugly. Cyber criminals and evil hackers create Trojan horse TDSS.CA with some sophisticated and complex technologies, which can help it break those security software defense or firewall system. When it got into a target computer, it will control the whole system and compromise the system security, it may leak or damage your personal data like your name, phone numbers, private pictures etc. and cause collapse of the entire system. What’s worse, Trojan horse TDSS.CA is considered as a spyware could monitor your behaviour, collecting Web history such as online shopping and other financial transactions which could cause a huge financial loss. Unfortunately, it runs in the background and most of the users can barely find out.

Most of the time, Trojan horse TDSS.CA is bundled with some freeware or shareware, sometimes it is attached to emails, and it can even spread itself through application exploits, after that ,you could notice that your computer becomes unstable and some applications can’t run normally. Because it took a lot of PC resources and makes your computer collapse easily. So it is necessary to get rid of Trojan horse TDSS.CA immediately.
Here, we will provide some instructions to help you remove the annoying virus.

Step One: Restart your computer and keep pressing F8 key to go into Safe Mode and select the Safe Mode with Networking.

Step Two: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open up the Task Manager, then end all the process associated with Trojan horse TDSS.CA.

Step Three: Click Start button and open the Control Panel and search for Folder Options. In the Folder Options window you can see the View tab, check the Show hidden files and folders, and uncheck the Hide protected operating system files(Recommended), then click OK to continue.

Extra Tips: The next steps are related to Registry Editor, please be careful and follow the instruction strictly in case to make any mistakes and cause some avoidable trouble.

Step Four : Click Start button and press the R key to open the Run, then type “regedit” in the box and click OK.

Step Five : Delete all the Trojan horse TDSS.CA registry files and entries in the Registry Editor. You can stick to the following items.
1.%AppData%\ [RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe2.Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\tdssdata3.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\InstalledComponents\[RANDOM CHARACTERS]4.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\run\

Now, Trojan horse TDSS.CA has already been removed from your computer system. After experiencing the whole removal, we believe you won’t have problem to deal with the other virus.
If you want to learn more about how to remove malicious virus, you could go to the following web site to see what they’ve got.

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