The 10 Best Places to Eat in Austin, Texas

A local’s guide for SXSW visitors to find the tastiest food in town.


The city’s warm climate offers plenty of sunshine, while the open green spaces don’t provide any excuse for staying indoors. Head over to Lions Municipal Golf Course for an inexpensive round. Wander through the 351-acre Zilker Metropolitan Park until you find Barton Springs Pool, a 3-acre water source fed by underground springs that keep its temperature around 68 degrees all year long. To escape the city, head for the nearby Hill Country. “It’s rolling hills cut with lots of little creeks and streams,” says Tom Beach, a sales clerk at Austin Canoe & Kayak. “It makes for a nice road trip.” – (Luke Mullins @

#10. Pluckers Wing Bar.


Locations: All over town.

#9. Bacon.


Location: 900 W 10th.

#8. Hut’s Hamburgers.


Location: 807 W 6th.

#7. Whole Foods.


Location: 550 Bowie St.

#6. The Noble Pig.


Location: 11815 620 N. Suite 4

#5. The Texas Chili Parlor.

The Texas Chili Parlor. jpg

Location: 1409 Lavaca.

#4. Torchy’s Tacos.


All over town.

#3. Mighty Fine Burgers and Fries.


Location: South, north-central, and way north (Round Rock).

#2. The Salt Lick.


Location: Driftwood (south), Bergstrom Airport, and Hutto (north).

#1. El Arroyo.


Location: Downtown at 1624 W 5th, Far West at 7032 Wood Hollow.

(By Bryan Preston @ PJ Media)

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