Terror Attack on Bodh Gaya


Note Broken windows at the Bodh Gaya Buddhist temple complex after the blasts. (AFP)

Nine serial blasts in a coordinated terror attack rocked the Mahabodhi temple complex in south central Bihar’s Buddhist pilgrimage town of Bodh Gaya early on Sunday, injuring two monks.

Union home secretary Anil Goswami said the blasts were a terror attack.

– By HT Correspondent and Agencies @ HT Media Limited.



A policeman stands by as a man speaks on the phone at the Bodh Gaya Buddhist temple complex after 9 low-intensity blasts took place injuring two people. AFP


Debris left after the explosions that took place at the Bodh Gaya Buddhist temple complex. (AFP)


The entrance to a Buddhist temple edifice at the Bodh Gaya Buddhist complex appears torn apart after the blasts. (AFP)

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