Remove duplicate files: using DuplicateCure 2013 to clean Bitdefender duplicate files in Windows XP

In this article, we will talk about tips on how to remove duplicate files via DuplicateCure: the process of removing those unneeded installation data and uninstallation remains associated with the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (ver. 2013) by using the professional duplicate file cleaner DuplicateCure 2013 software.

1. Download and install DuplicateCure 2013 on your Windows machine. Follow the easy & quick onscreen wizards to complete the express install.

DuplicateCure 2013 - 1

2. Then you can directly run your installed DuplicateCure 2013 when the installer application completes the install.

DuplicateCure 2013 - 2

3. For most regular users, you can use the default settings in the interface like the “Same Content” in Regular Mode; and the “Exclude zero size files from duplicate list” and another three options in the list of “More Search Options”. You then can click the Scan Now button.

DuplicateCure 2013 - 3

4. Please wait while DuplicateCure 2.0 performs your request of scanning duplicate files in your system.

DuplicateCure 2013 - 4

5. Soon, DuplicateCure 2.0 will complete the scan, you then click Review Report button on Scan window below.

DuplicateCure 2013 - 5

6. Then you will see the detailed duplicate files listed in the “What you find” tab.

DuplicateCure 2013 - 6

7. Now, I am going to teach you how to use DuplicateCure 2013 to remove Bitdefender Antivirus Plus duplicate files on my computer:

  • Select first update.bin file on the top of “Duplicate Files” section. Then the unwanted update.bin will be highlighted.
  • DuplicateCure 2013 - 7
  • Click Remove button.
  • DuplicateCure 2013 - 8
  • If you already have a valid product key, copy and paste the CD key into the “License Key” line; click Register Now button.
  • DuplicateCure 2013 - 9
  • Then DuplicateCure will inform you that “Congratulations! Duplicate files cleaned successfully.”; ya simply click Close then.
  • DuplicateCure 2013 - 10
  • Close DuplicateCure and other apps. Save and reboot your computer.

With DuplicateCure 2013, you can effectively get rid of those uninstallation traces by the uninstalled Bitdefender AV solution.

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