Remove Bluestacks App Player for Mac

Proper Steps to Remove Bluestacks App Player for Mac

Desire to uninstall Bluestacks and all the apps it installed from your Mac? How can you delete associated remnants after going through a standard uninstall? If you face problems trying to uninstall Bluestacks, read through this post to get correct answers.

To start with, you should stop Bluestacks if it is currently running. to do so, right click its icon in Dock and choose Quit to shut down the app. After doing this act, you can proceed to launch Activity Monitor (in /Applications/Utilities folder) to find out the Bluestacks process that is still active, and then kill it by hitting the Quit button.

Now let’s head to the standard uninstall part. Typically, you will need to open up Finder and go to the /Applications folder. Then locate Bluestacks icon there, and delete this app by selecting it and choosing Move to Trash option. Subsequently, you will be prompted to enter your current admin password to allow the deletion.

Remove Bluestacks App Player for Mac

Remove Bluestacks App Player for Mac

Later on, a dialog shows up asking if you want to preserve or delete the apps installed through Bluestacks. Click Delete button if you want to ensure a clean uninstall, or instead, click Preserve button if you plan to reinstall Bluestacks and use them again.

So far the Bluestacks and its apps should have been uninstalled successfully. So what else? Well, you may neglect a fact that some of Bluestacks components still hide in your system, and by default the standard uninstall does not touch these files.

To hunt down any items that belong to Bluestacks, you can utilize the Search feature in Finder. The first step is to access the hidden ~Library folder. To do so, back to a Finder window, click Go > Go To Folder from the menu bar on the top. As the Go to Folder box pops up, type in ~Library and hit Enter/Return key to open up the folder.

Remove Bluestacks App Player for Mac

The second step is to locate and delete Bluestacks-related items in ~Library folder. Click the Search on the upper right corner of the Finder window, then type Bluestacks in the search box, and click Library below. As the search result shows up, select the items whose names contain the keyword Bluestacks, and delete them all to the Trash.

Meanwhile, you can search for files pertaining to Bluestacks in Library folder. After throwing all matched files into Trash, empty the Trash as an end to the uninstall.

Get more manual uninstall details in this tutorial.

Feel a little complicated to go through the whole removal of Bluestacks? Trying to find a more effective way to handle that kind of uninstall task? A reliable uninstall tool is definitely a better choice, especially when you are dealing with stubborn, problematic or even malicious apps. Let’s take Osx Uninstaller as an example.

To uninstall Bluestacks by using Osx Uninstaller, users only need to take a few clicks and this handy tool will process the job automatically. Here are the detailed steps:

Remove Bluestacks App Player for Mac

  1. Quit running Bluestacks, and then install and launch Osx Uninstaller.
  2. Select Bluestacks in the OU interface, and click Run Analysis.
  3. Click Complete Uninstall, and choose Yes in the pop-up dialog.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to finish the Bluestacks uninstall process.

So that’s it. Bluestacks and all the stuffs belonging to this app can be swept out in seconds. A quite simple workflow: launch OU, select unwanted app, and uninstall it.

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