Outlook for Mac Adds Some Highly Requested Features


With the update of Office 2016 for Mac in early June, Outlook for Mac adds several new, highly request features for Office 365 customers. The Office team list the top ten features that are most anticipated by Outlook users, including scheduled emails, delivery and read receipts, email templates, account setup via email address, etc.

1. Send emails at desired time

With the new Send Later feature, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at an desired time. To schedule the delivery of your emails, you just need to click the drop-down arrow next to the Send button and then choose Send Later option. Then you will be able to choose the date and time to send the email and the message will be automatically saved to your Drafts folder. At the scheduled time the email will be sent to the receiver while you don’t even need to have Outlook open.

If you would like to cancel the email scheduled to be sent later, just open the email message in the Drafts folder, select Cancel Send button and then Yest to confirm.

The feature is currently available to Insider Fast participants who have an Office 365 subscription and will come to Office 365 subscribers in update 15.35.170509 in July.

2. Request Read/delivery receipts

Outlook 2016 for Mac now supports both read and delivery receipts. This feature allows you to be notified if an email has been delivered to and read by the recipient. After composing your email, you can request a delivery notification by choosing Options menu > Request Receipts > Request a Delivery Receipt, or request a read receipt by selecting Options menu > Request Receipts > Request a Read Receipt.

A delivery receipt only confirms delivery of your email message to the recipient’s mailbox, while a read receipt confirms that your message was opened. You should know that not all email accounts and services support this feature, and that the recipient can choose not to respond to your request for read/delivery receipts.

The feature is available to Office 365 users with version 15.35.170610 and later.

3. Use Email Templates

If you frequently send multiple emails with almost the same content, you can use email templates to help save the trouble of typing. You just need to compose an email and save it as a template, then next time you plan to write an email containing some identical information, you can use the template to rewrite before sending it out.

To save an email as a template in Outlook 2016 for Mac, select the email you want to use as a template, select File > Save As Template, type an and if desired, apply a tag for the template, then select the location you wan to save it, and click Save button. If you want to create a new email using the template, just select File > New > Email from Template, then choose the template location and name, click Open button, then you will be able to rewrite the content and add the recipient in the template.

4. Set up account by email address

The Add Account experience has been simplified in Outlook 2016 for Mac. You can only enter the email address and the app will detect your account settings and guide you through the setup process. And if you are signed in to other Office apps and then launch Outlook for the first time, you will be asked to add that account to Outlook.

The improved account setup is available to all Mac users on version 15.34.170515.

One more feature is the ability to create Calendar events from emails and tasks. You can upgrade your Outlook 2016 for Mac to try out most newly-added features.

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