Microsoft’s official description: Win10 officially announced

October 1st morning, Microsoft released a technical preview version of Win10 in San Francisco, introducing some new features of Windows10. Now Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft’s operating system business wrote a article about the officially announcing of Win10, with the release of Win10, Microsoft also will enter a new stage. The following is the article:

Working in the Windows development team requires both extremely passionate and down to earth. Because Windows is an operating system has been widely used by each country in the world, the total number of users more than 1.5 billion people, from the children who play computer for the first time, to writers, reporters,engineer, gamers, to CEO– Windows more or less has been affecting every one of us.

As one of Windows team, we are very proud, but we know clearly that today’s world has come out of the era, and Windows was originally very different. Today, each one has several terminals, network connections is as important as oxygen. On the other hand, the dual requirements that people‚Äôs desire of the flexibility, portability and stability also brought great challenges to IT specialists. End users eager to get the experience of “do whatever you want” in a variety of devices. This is more and more difficult for developers, their works always have to be improved, but time is always not enough.

Now, Windows will usher in a “new era” (Threshold). The new Windows is tailored for the world as “mobile first, cloud first”. It is a comprehensive upgrade of the digital work productivity and digital life experience, which will help individuals and business users to achieve more great initiative. It is a Windows 10!

Also, Windows 10 represents the first step towards a new generation of Windows. Windows 10 will open a whole new experience of work, play and network connections for the users. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s effort to meet specific performance requirements of enterprise and individual users.

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