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What is Max Uninstaller? Is Max Uninstaller SAFE? Is Max Uninstaller matches your needs?

Max Uninstaller, is a new yet professional uninstall tool. Max Uninstaller, is also one of the best uninstall tool, ensuring you can perform a clean, complete and success uninstall of an app you wish to remove a lot easier than it’s with the standard/regular methods or options. Max Uninstaller enable you the ability to cleanly, forcibly uninstall program which you wanna banish in few minutes.

Max Uninstaller, is the better fix to Windows-based uninstall issues.

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Max Uninstaller & Windows Safety?

Back to the beginning, Safety always comes first, right? Before you download Max Uninstaller and/or any other so called uninstaller software PRO, so called FREE uninstall tool, I DO recommend you perform an up-to-date virus scan. No Anti-Virus software installed? That’s OKay. Please pay a visit to Google VirusTotal and let it scan your downloads for FREE! Now, let’s take few minutes and check the latest virus report from VT site. Check out the following detailed, Can’t-Mmiss specs!

  • Type of file: Application (Win32 EXE)
  • Description: Max Uninstaller Setup
  • Installer file size: 3.20 MB (3,362,328 bytes)
  • Program Comments: This installation was built with Inno Setup.
  • Company site:
  • Application Language: Language Neutral
  • Product Name: Max Uninstaller
  • Product Version: 2.0 (Up to 9/24/2013)
  • Digital Signatures: Yes (By Ideakee Inc)
  • SHA256: 6a15099ac0d7dfcfe5b261b6508f630ba56a07812a2e5ab28627560895b0ba49
  • SHA1: a4affc7d56d7f5c533c4376c7c01152c9e77674f
  • MD5: b27c9fc91118c99f7f9dbfc9d4d40968
  • Dection ratio: 0 / 48
  • Analysis date: 2013-09-24 15:45:20 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )
  • First submission: First submission 2012-09-22 16:26:59 UTC ( 1 year ago )
  • Other file names: MUninstaller_2012_Setup.exe / file-4547540_exe / MUninstaller_2012_Setup.exe / youruninstaller.php

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NOTE Copy and past this URL into your Web browser for additional information:

Please note that, though, Max Uninstaller does NOT claim that it is freeware (aka, free software)! Max Uninstaller does NOT prompt user download itself for FREE! Despite of this, your trial version of Max Uninstaller DOES help you effectively and securely clean up 20% of the detected programs traces after the conventional uninstall process (aka, Windows Uninstaller or the default/ built-in uninstall procedure). Read on Max Uninstaller’s official web site, which also contains large number of FREE, professional removal instructions for the popular, stubborn PUA (potentially unwanted application).

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When do you do and don’t use Max Uninstaller? What Max Uninstaller can do for you?

Typically, all of us can handle a standard Windows-based app that we wish to get rid of, or wish to change, upgrade by simply using the said Windows Uninstall option – for old XP SP3 users, you will need Add/Remove Programs; while for Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 users, you need Programs and Features instead. But you may have the annoying Windows filesystem and/or Registry error due to the unstable computer system. Let me summarize the major causes of the said issues above: you frequently install and uninstall an app, you even directly and wrongly delete some system-level shared files and more other known and unknown reasons and improper operations you made to your Windows. Thereby, that’s where Max Uninstaller more relevant. Furthermore, you may know that you may easily install an antivirus software in your system, but chances are that you will have trouble un-installing the (pre-)installed third-party Windows protection program! Thus, a good Anti-Virus company do have its own remover when its users have trouble performing the uninstall of its security product. Then it may take time to search -> select -> download -> install/run the right one for you, 32-bit or 63-bit? 2014, 2013, 2012? And suchlike. At this point, please keep in mind that Max Uninstaller is the all-in-one solution to such uninstall headache on your Windows. A little bird tells me that Max Uninstaller is developing the Mac platform based version of it!

In today’s Internet world, lots of common users are having stubborn program uninstall issues: most of them always simply and fast hit "Next >" button, or select the option "Accept" during the downloaded app’s install process. As for Max Uninstaller, NO bundled software, NO spyware, NO adware, NO computer virus and Trojan! We have to warn you that large number of freeware, shareware’s default installation option contains other possibly unwanted apps, toolbars and other malicious software! Then you may be one of those who’re suffering browser hijacking issue, or having Windows software problems, which are annoying software problems the aforementioned built-in uninstaller or Windows Control Panel can do with very LITTLE! It’s up to you!

Max Uninstaller is the perfect uninstall tool for your Windows?

No! Nothing is 100%! So, we need Max Uninstaller with its effective software support, such as the commonly seen E-mail contact, advanced software analysis technology and product improvements. Windows Add/Remove or Max Uninstaller? You do not wish to let those messy traces of the uninstalled program ruin the core of your Windows, do you? Learn how to use the dedicated Max Uninstaller uninstall tool to uninstall an app and remove all of its installed items for your Windows: if you want to keep using an error-free Windows system, or you too wish to free up more space on your hard drives.

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