Forbes: iPhone is the achilles heel of Apple Watch

Apparently Apple has high hopes in its new product – Apple Watch, which is also the beginning that it exploits a new area. It makes strategic sense that Apple Watch will become the core strategy of “post-iPhone era”, and a magic weapon which keeps great profits in the gradually saturated market. Seen from the product form, Apple Watch is defined as iPhone’s best partner, but on the flip side of the coin, iPhone could be Apple Watch biggest weakness.

Firstly, Apple Watch can only accompany iPhone when being used, and Apple need to persuade users to be interested in the Watch and buy it. However, currently it seems not to be the necessary accessory of iPhone. Although Apple Watch possesses unique interface and system, its essential functions, such as notification and motion monitoring, are similar to other intelligent compatible with iPhone.

Before release, the whole industry and analysts were looking forward to the sensor of Apple Watch very much, yet at last, the Watch is just a “pedometer” with pretty interface and short batter lifespan.

For marketing, Apple is trying to make Apple Watch a fashion item to attract users through beautiful design, multi-choice of wristband and even the high-fashion 18K golden version. But in the long run, Apple Watch can’t be used without iPhone, so it failed to become a fashionable product for the mass market.

According to the data that shows there are 300 million active iPhone users, Apple Watch may not have development problems, but think of this: what if iPhone is just an accessory of Mac PC, or iPod has to be used with iPhone? That would be really a big deal. So at last as a dependent device, Apple Watch will face its difficulty.

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