Instagram released new tool for Advertisers to promote ads

Instagram updated three new features for enterprise users to attract more advertisers.

Instagram obtained 2 billion advertisers which means it has great attraction for its clients. To attract more advertisers, Instagram must offer satisfied service for its users. The key is to search new business mode to help its advertisers to communicate with its 400 million individual users.

Enterprise users can set a “Contact” button on their profiles and choose any means to obtain contact information, including phone, text information and email. Users could also obtain the enterprises’ navigation route.

Instragram only allowed enterprises to learn its popularity by clicking likes and making comments before it updated the service. Since last Tuesday, Enterprise users could access further data analysis even though they just posted ordinary messages instead of advertising content.

For instance, enterprise users could learn how many people view their messages and how many traffics they delivered to the official website and how the performance they made in compared to other messages.

If enterprises wish to turn a message into an advertisement, Instagram could be a smart choice for them. With the new tools, enterprise users could turn the posted messages into advertisements and aim at the targeting clients.

James Quarles, Instagram brand development director, claimed that it is the first time that enterprise users could create ads directly on the application. Its parent firm Facebook offered this feature already.

Instagram has advantage as it shares the same brochure with Facebook’s. The brochure business made $ 5.2billion in revenue for Facebook in Q1 2016.

Facebook did not reveal Instagram’s advertising revenue yet. Credit Suisse predicted that it has potential to receive $3.2 billion in revenue this year as its revenue reached $730 million in Q4 2015.

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