How to solve Internet Explorer can not access the site problem

Assign IP address and DNS server:
1. In the lower right corner of the taskbar, click the network connection icon to open the Network and Sharing Center;
2. View the network activity, click the “local connection”;
3. In the Local Connection Status surface, click the “Properties” button;
4. Switch to the “Network” tab, double-click Internet Protocol in using the following items list;
5. In the “General” tab, select the following IP address, fill the IP address and DNS server network operators provide.

Re-register the Internet Explorer DLL files:
1. Save the following command in a batch file named for 1.bat
regsvr32 actxprxy.dll mobsync.dll asctrls.ocx msapsspc.dll cdfview.dll mshta.exe comcat.dll mshtmled.dll comctl32.dll msident.dll corpol.dll msieftp.dll cryptdlg.dl msnsspc.dll digest.dll msr2c.dll dispex.dll msrating.dll dxtmsft.dll msxml.dll dxtrans.dll occache.dll hlink.dll oleaut32.dll iepeers.dll plugin.ocx iesetup.dll pngfilt.dll imgutil.dll proctexe.ocx inetcpl.cpl scrobj.dll initpki.dll sendmail.dll inseng.dll setupwbv.dll licmgr10.dll tdc.ocx mlang.dll webcheck.dll
2. Double-click to run the batch, if the registration is successful it will prompts a dialog box, if prompts that file is damaged or missing, please confirm the files one by one;
3. If Internet Explorer DLL file is damaged or missing, please copy the relevant documents from a normal computer to re-install Internet Explorer browser.
Note: we’d better use a DLL specialized tool to intelletually detect and repair the DLL false as dll file is easy to be damaged.

Winsock registry entry is damaged:
In the command window, we run the netsh winsock reset command to repair Winsock.

TCP / IP is damaged or some configurations have been changed:
Type “netsh int ip reset filename.txt” in the command dialog to reconfigure the TCP / IP settings.

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