How to Perform a Clean Uninstallation of Immunet Protect

uninstall Immunet Protect - 1

Some users wish to completely get rid of Immunet Protect due to its optional Ask toolbar and the ClamAV‘s search engine, then you read up this post to perform the un-install of Immunet. In addtion, for more details on Ask Toolbar removal, click here.

  • Method one: press start, go to Control Panel and choose Add or Remove Programs. Click the following Change/Remove button next to the unwanted Immunet 3.0 (77.33MB) software.
  • uninstall Immunet Protect - 2

  • Method two: If you can’t see the said ClamAV’s product in the programs list above. Search and find out its original installation folder, which also contain the supplied uninstall file. Then you just need to follow the "Immunet 3.0 Uninstall" wizard below to complete the uninstall progress.
  • uninstall Immunet Protect - 3

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