How to Fix QtGuid4.dll Error?

Lots of users cannot fix qtgui4.dll successfully. Why? The aforementioned file qtgui4.dll is a legitimate component of Photoshop Elements from Adobe company. Thus, we would suggest you the following fixes:

  • Find a good alternative to your current qtgui4.dll file. Go to reputed dynamic-link online library (download site), search your possibly missing or corrupted qtgui4.dll file, save your result on your desktop. Update your installed antivirus software, scan your download. Modify Windows’ Folder Options to make all hidden file visible. Search and make a backup of the detected files that have "qtgui4(.dll)" in it. Replace the one with your downloaded one. Save and reboot. Re-run your PS program.
  • Repair/ reinstall/ (cleanly) uninstall your Adobe Photoshop Elements product. Save or export your software settings. For instance, make a copy of your current user data/ profile. Go to your Windows’ programs list, locate the potentially problematic Photoshop Elements software, launch the provided "Repair" or " Change" option to restore your Photoshop installation. Please note that you should exactly follow the onscreen information to complete the reinstallation procedure – you would be prompted to remove or replace some system-level data in your system, therefore, you had better make yourself the Admin before performing the above option.
  • In the meanwhile, you as well can/ should do a full virus scan or, you do it under Windows Safe Mode (later), which is better at disabling virus’ self-protection plus detecting and cleaning any potential PC threat(s). To do so, make sure you have a good internet connection, make sure you have the Admin rights, upgrade your currently installer antivirus program or Antispyware app to the newest version of it, scan your computer then.
  • Furthermore, you can use the free version of CCleaner to safely and thoroughly remove your system’s temoporary yet useless data, such as some invalid installation/ uninstallation information in "Temp" folder (which should be located in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (your device name)\Local Settings\) or in Registry Editor.

For more info, read “Qt QtGuid4.dll is missing“.

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