How to delete stubborn files and folders

In the process we use Windows, we will encounter a variety of problems. Even the most simplest file deleting may also be a trouble, the system maybe prompts “file is being used by another person or program”, or “Access Denied”. If you have encountered this situation, you might have a look at this article.

Dealing with the stubborn file or folder which unable to be deleted by conventional methods, a relatively simple method is to use an uninstaller to remove it, as long as you open the main interface, you’ll be direct to select the file you want to delete, easy-handling right?

Another way is, right-click the drive letter file where the folder you want to delete, select [Properties] to open the “Properties dialog”, select [Tools] tab, click [Start] button under the [troubleshooting], check the two options of [disk check options], click the [Start] button. Wait till the check complete, and then try to delete.

Some media players can not be deleted because playing interruption or when you are previewing. In the “Run” box, enter:
REGSVR32 / U SHMEDIA.DLL, written off the pre-reading capabilities. Or delete the following registry key:

Delete files or folder with WinRAR: Right-click on the file or folder you want to delete, select “Add to archive.” In the pop-up dialog box, select “Delete source files compressed” Just write a compressed package name randomly, and click OK.

AVI files delete problems in Windows XP:
Many of my friends might encounter AVI files can not be deleted problem in Windows XP, which is mainly due to Windows XP Bug on video preview function. You can try the following methods to delete.
In run box, enter: Regs-vr32 / u Shmedia.dll, press Enter, unload Windows XP video file preview function. When you want to restore the video preview feature, you can use the “Regsvr32Shmedia.dll” command to re-register.

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