How to clean Iminent off your system and Firefox?

remove Iminent - 1

Lots of users accidentally installed the risky imnent app and its toolbar onto their web browsers, and they can’t remove the annoying imnent from the system. Then you can refer to the following content to keep your system and web tools clean and fast.

  • Close the following "Iminent -Iminent installed successfully, congratulations!" page if you see it open.
  • remove Iminent - 2

  • We will try Windows Uninstall to remove Iminent: start >> Control Panel >> Add/Remove or "Programs and Features".
  • Please note that Iminent should have installed the following software to your system by default. They are Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX (6.00 MB), Iminent and Iminent Toolbar on IE and Chrome (2.44 MB).
  • remove Iminent - 3

  • At this point, you may start the uninstall of the aforesaid bloatware one by one. Please restart your computer when you complete the process.
  • remove Iminent - 4

    remove Iminent - 5

    NOTE To cleanly remove all items linked to Iminent, do check all the listed options like "I want to remove Iminent’s toolbar from my browsers" on the above Iminent wizard then press Uninstall.

    remove Iminent - 6

    NOTE "According to your configuration, this may take several minites".

    remove Iminent - 7

    NOTE Hit Finish when that wizard tells you "You have successfully uninstalled Iminent".

    remove Iminent - 8

    NOTE Close the above "Iminent -Free download: Smileys, Emoticons & Games for Facebook, Messengers & Emails!" page after the uninstall process you have completed.

  • The Iminent Toolbar should have been removed along with the uninstalled main app Iminent.
  • remove Iminent - 9

  • Save, reboot and check your installed web tools later.

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