How to Change Expert PDF 9 for other PDF Software

For most regular Windows users, you will need to employ Windows Uninstaller to deploy the new Expert PDF 9. Follow or refer to details below and complete the uninstall on a Windows 7 when you want to change the said PDF program for another brand.

  • Log on to your device as the Admin user, save and exit every app related with PDF file.
  • Press start button and go to Control Panel.
  • remove Expert PDF 9 - 1

  • Hit Uninstall a program.
  • Locate the following eXPert PDF 9 item (112 MB), launch Uninstall option.
  • remove Expert PDF 9 - 2

  • Choose Yes from Programs and Features to start with the default removal procedure.
  • remove Expert PDF 9 - 3

  • Wait while Windows Installer initialize the said process and prove yourself as the Admin user and then, you choose Yes from UAC below.
  • remove Expert PDF 9 - 4

  • Then your computer system should help you silently remove Expert PDF program.

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