Google plans to set up new headquarter in London to seek more opportunities

Google announced it plans to set up a new headquarter in London. BBC reported that this plan may help UK create over 3,000 job opportunities by 2020.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, expressed the company predicted that UK market has more opportunities. Though UK citizens made referendum in June for Brexit,leading to many of big enterprises to move their headquarters to other European countries from London. However, Google made a different decision. It announced to make more investments as UK market has great potential opportunities.

Pichai said:” UK has been always a huge market for us. We found great opportunities here. We gathered a group of world-class talents in British market who can launch excellent products that we live on there.”

Pichai claimed that they took Brexit into consideration when they made this decision. Though Google felt positive towards its future business in UK, Brexit may bring some complicated influences in a long-term view. Pichai did not describe specifically how these influences affect.

It’s reported that Google will set up its new London headquarter in King’s Cross campus. It will consist of three buildings, two of them are rented. The whole campus takes up 650,000 square feet and can hold 7,000 employees. At present, Google hired about 4,000 employees in UK.

The new building will be built in the land which belongs to Google’s. BIG and Heatherwick Studio are responsible for designing. BBC predicted that the cost of building and labor will be over £1 billion.

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor,made press statement :” This decision showed Google has great confidence in London. They will offer London with high tech jobs to support our development. Enterprises, investments and talents are from all over the world are welcomed to London.”

Started from June, Google employees began to move in the first building among three in King’s Cross campus. It has 11-stories and provides free food,massage and cooking lessons. It even built a 90-metre track for exercise.

Google is fixing another leasehold building now. It will be come into service in 2018.

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