Follow these simple steps if you don’t keep TuneUp360

uninstall TuneUp360 - 1

You can follow the steps to uninstall TuneUp360 easily. But removing the optional MixiDJ Toolbar and its recommendations is another story. Please be careful with this kind of shareware, freeware and more: say NO to any items you do not need or you don’t know at all.

    • Abort the error checking progress, close TuneUp360,exit it and run Task Manager to check and terminate its process(es) that may still running.

uninstall TuneUp360 - 2

    • Hit the Yes to the following “Close any way?” window.

uninstall TuneUp360 - 3

    • Open start menu, choose All Programs, enter the following TuneUp360 folder and then, run the below “Uninstall TuneUp360″ application.

uninstall TuneUp360 - 4

    • Click on Yes button on the “TuneUp360 Uninstall” below to let the default uninstaller remove this unwanted app for your computer.

uninstall TuneUp360 - 5

    • “Please wait while TuneUp360 is removed from your computer”.

uninstall TuneUp360 - 6

uninstall TuneUp360 - 7

  • Save and restart your Windows.

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