Fighting with Chromebook! Microsoft pushing low-cost Windows PC

Chromebooks is a main product launched by Google, although currently its market share is not high, but as a competitor, Microsoft does not think so. Recently, we see several new models of notebook products on the Microsoft store, which the price is similar with currently Chromebooks.

These products in Microsoft Store including Dell Inspiron 15 and Acer Aspire E15 ES1, price of two devices are both $ 249. This marketing strategy as a way of competing products is very common, and Microsoft played this slogan: “You can run Office, iTunes, Photoshop and other software on the Windows PC, but you can not use them on the Chromebook”.

This kind of propaganda contest is indeed a linguistic strike to Chromebooks, but there are surely some differences between the positioning of two types of products, since Chromebooks is recognized, it must have some meaning of its existence, while Microsoft has launched a product already quite mature. As the saying goes: One cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. Microsoft’s product is cheap, but only suitable for some consumers, the question of who is better still need to be tested by the market.

Now the whole Microsoft system, whether services, software license or selling discs, Windows is always the cornerstone. Maybe we could say, PC business is Microsoft’s most rugged rock, if Google, Apple or any other competitor captured it, the outcome will just like Nokia, being expelled by its competitors in the mobile phone market.

Analyst of Investment bank Evercore Partners KirkMaterne also believes that Microsoft had no choice. “For Microsoft, this is a low-risk way to step into the market and enhance the relevance of Windows.” He said, “the outlook is not wonderful, they have been in a dry tree, but the expectation of investors is very low that its enough for them if Microsoft can regain a little bit momentum.”

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