Facts You Should Know About Computer Viruses

Computer viruses may not appeal to many people when they are damaging your computer or files. However, there are certain facts that you may like about these computer viruses. Given here are some of them: It is not illegal to write computer viruses in many part of the world.

Most computer virus creators are not hackers. Hackers always have a specific goal. Virus creators only develop viruses with mild intentions of spreading them. Only a few creators are responsible for seriously damaging viruses.

Mostly, viruses are created by people under age 30. These are experiments or jokes and the creators only develop them with basic knowledge of programming languages. They have no idea or intention to cause serious damage. The ramifications are realized later. Viruses are self-replicating programs. They can create their own copies with same, slightly different or completely different codes.

The first known virus was created by Bob Thomas on Arpanet as an experiment. No computer can get infected by simply reading an e-mail, unless you download or access any link or attachment. A virus always needs a host to enter a computer and then spread.

The first windows virus was WinVer 1.4.
The first .exe files virus was Groove.
The first boot virus was created by Farooq Alvi brothers from Pakistan.

Elk Cloner was a virus that was created by Richard Skrenta in his high school times as a joke that he inserted in a floppy with a game. The virus got triggered on 50th click and displayed a poem.Most antivirus systems work on Fred Cohen strategies that he published in academic papers in 1984. The worst ever MS-DOS virus was Michelangelo that remained in the background, creating copies and spreading in the computer rapidly. It got triggered on March 6 and resulted in destruction of data on a large number of computers. Melissa was another that was pretty much powerful and a lot of companies along with Microsoft had to shut down their e-mail systems so that the virus could be eradicated completely. Another damaging worm that resulted in infection of at least a quarter million PCs in a single day was Mydoom. This happened in January 2004.

Storm was a worm that spread to approx. 50 million computers between January and October 2007. Tequila appeared in 1991, the very first polymorphic virus. If any company, organization, network or government is threatened or hacked, the job is almost always conducted by hackers and not virus developers.

The distinguishing feature of virus developer and a hacker is that hackers target something, mostly to steal information, create backdoors or convert a computer into a zombie system. Interestingly, a lot of viruses are created by kids and teens just for fun. These are not geniuses. They may write a simple code with basic programming knowledge or create a virus from existing basic viruses, without starting from the scratch.

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