Facebook, Acquisition of the Israeli Mobile Data Analysis Start-up, Onavo

Recently, the mobile data analysis start -up Onavo of Israel has revealed the message, which stated that Onavo Company was brought by Facebook in its official blog. Facebook is expected to utilize Onavo’s technology on the global Internet project, which named “Internet.org”.

The co-founder and CEO Mr. Rosen (Guy Rosen) and the CTO Roi Tiger of Onavo company have expressed their thoughts in a statement, claiming that they developed Onavo three years ago, the Onavo products are endowed with the purpose of helping consumers to have a more efficient work on mobile devices. Moreover, the Onavo company is very eager to join Facebook team, and support the mission that connects the world together of Facebook, so that to make Onavo itself more influential.
The “Internet.org” project founded by Facebook, is aimed at creating a partnership among the global technology pioneers, which will make the numerous mobile Internet users who take up two-thirds of the world population capable of connecting to the Internet. The “Internet.org” project’s partners include: Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, Opera and Facebook.

Onavo company co-founder said, “We hope to be able to play an important role in “Internet.org” project, achieving the purpose of using the data effectively in order to make more users realize interconnection and sharing.”

Both sides did not disclose the trading goals.

The mobile practical products developed by Onavo Company are used all over the world. The number of users already reaches millions. The products can help users manage and optimize mobile data conveniently. It is reported that after the acquisition of Onavo, Facebook will retain the Onavo brand. With the support of Onavo mobile data analysis technology and teamwork, the “Internet.org” project of Facebook will reduce the cost of Internet access maximally.

The company headquarter of Onavo which is located at Tel Aviv will become the Facebook new agency in Israel.

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