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Facebook Messenger, another app of Facebook obtains over 1 billion users

Facebook, the social networking giant, is becoming the hegemony of mobile chatting app. Facebook Messenger, another app obtained over 1 billion users after WhatsApp.

Facebook announced this milestone news on Wednesday. It meant that Facebook has two mobile chatting apps are with over 1 billion users, reported CNET.

Among these two apps, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $ 22 billion which becomes one of mobile chatting app. The statistics showed that WhatsApp is the dominant chatting app in more than 100 countries around the world.

The influence of Facebook Messenger is just a bit weak than WhatsApp’s. It has been introduced to more than 50 countries worldwide. Continue reading

Useful methods to uninstall SlimDrivers Free

SlimDriver Free is an automated diver update program. It is able to detect when drivers need to update. It offers instant optimization of the interaction between a computer and its system components and peripherals. This program would scan your PC first and identify proper drivers in need, then install current and the latest drivers on PC. It is also able to find out broken or outdated drivers and get correct ones for you.

However, it’s not compatible with the system. What’s worse, it would finally lead to system crash. If I were you, I choose to uninstall SlimDrivers Free. On the basic status, I always choose to uninstall the application.

Now, I would offer you the most common way to uninstall SlimDrivers Free. Continue reading

How to Uninstall Virtual DJ 7?

Electronic music has been popular all the time, especially in Northern Europe. And most famous DJ come from there.Like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk,and Armin Van Buuren, their names have already spread over the world. But,the influence of electronic music in Asia and America is smaller than Northern Europe until Lady Gaga first debut in the entertainment circle. Till now no matter on the Billboard or in UK, there is always a high place for electronic music.

So many electronic music lovers like to perform themselves like a DJ or actually want to be a real DJ. They make electronic music by themselves.So they download a program named “Virtual DJ 7”.

Virtual DJ is a helpful third-party-software that provides computer users with many useful features and tools. However, many users got diffculty and problem in uninstalling it from the computer. Blow, we have listed possible problems when uninstalling Virual DJ 7.

  • Virtual DJ can not be uninstalled
  • Virtual DJ can not be completely uninstall and removed
  • Virtual DJ or other similar software can not be installed or updated again on the computer
  • The computer system runs much slower after Virtual DJ is uninstalled
  • The computer gets strange errors

To eliminate your trouble I will tell you how to uninstall Virtual DJ 7 from your PC.

  1. Move your mouse to the Start Menu and click “Control Panel”.
  2. Find “Uninstall a program” and click it.
  3. Find the target program in the list and select it, then right-click and select “Uninstall” .
  4. Find the driver where you installed it and delete the leftover folders related then don’t forget to empty your “Recycle Bin”. After that, start the “Registry Editor” and delete all the related folders and files.

This is the most common way to uninstall a program. If you still can’t remove some stubborn programs,you can ask Special Uninstaller for help. Hope to see you again, have a nice day:)



Why People Like To Shop Online

Nowadays, almost every person has this experience, shopping online. It is easy to find that nearly all kinds of commercial goods on the shopping malls can be purchased online. Supermarkets also releases the new service which they can offer home delivery for the order on their websites. In my opinion, online shopping must be the most appreciated improvement in people’s life. Shopping online is available to offer the fresh feeling when you have tried it once. There is no doubt that a large number of people fall in love with the online shopping. In short, people like to shop online indeed.

To begin with, the reason for why people like to shop online are various. It is convenient for people to shop online. Only to use a computer, pad or even mobile phone can people enjoy shopping, avoiding the time in waiting traffic and queue. Moreover, people can easily to look trough an amount of goods within pages, meanwhile, they can compare the prices among stores. Mouse clicks can lead you enter any shop you want to, which is effective for people having no time to hung out in the shopping centers. The greater variety of goods can be selected in a pretty short time and purchase. One has to be mentioned, one of the most significant factors that people gradually prefer to shop online is that the goods enjoy lower price at website store. In addition to attract consumers, store sets much favorable prices, to be more competitive than others. Then, after checking order, goods will be delivered on time. The word to sum up online shopping is convenience.

As for brands and companies, they are pleased to develop the online market. They intend to spend more money and effort than before to construct this new area, meanwhile they keep traditional market going. They always give the exclusive coupon or promo code for online order to encourage the online shopping. Online marketing is potential, where the online store can help hosts to save huge cost in staff and house renting. Businessmen should not give up the online purchasing power if they want more profits. In addition, during the development, there are online platforms coming out, which are to collect those discount information for consumers. With then, online shopping means much more easy. Whatever to buy is to search the coupon at these coupon sites and purchase. How amazing it is!

In conclusion, nowadays, people are more likely to shop online, especially the young. Since they are willing to live a life that is effective and efficient, economic and time saving online shopping is the best choice for them. They just need to follow up the discount information and can get the quality deals. There is one coupon platform worthy to be recommend, COUPONKOO, which is available to offer wide range of coupon information with frequent data updating. Keeping focusing on it, the online shopping can be pretty interesting.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer loses its majority

According to a Web metrics vendor, Microsoft’s venerable Internet Explorer browser lost its majority position last month, falling under the 50% bar for the first time since it thrashed Netscape Navigator and assumed control of the browser market.

Through the predictions of Irvine, Calif.-based Net Applications, Internet Explorer (IE) ended 2015 with a user share — a measurement of unique visitors to the websites of the company’s clients, and one of the few proxies for real-world browser adoption — of 48.6%. That was a drop of 1.5 percentage points from November, the largest one-month contraction in IE’s share since October 2011. Continue reading

Give your Mac a holiday gift on this full-moon Christmas

The first full moon Christmas holiday was seen in 1977, and luckily, the great holiday in this year will present the world an other full moon holiday night. NASA said the next Christmas full moon won’t be seen until 2034. The Happy Christmas holiday begins at the Christmas Eve, a celebration night people will give family and friends apples which carries good wishes. Christmas is not only a grand festival,but also represents the end of a passing year. You might focus on the apples you’ve got, but how about another “Apple” on your desk? Having been used for a whole year, how about providing your busy Mac a clean and safe environment as a holiday gift?

Do you really know how to maintain your Mac in the proper way? Have you noticed that it is running more and more slowly than before? What can you do when your Mac becomes slowly and how to make it run fast as before? All these are what you need to learn and what you can give your Mac as a holiday gift.

You might be familiar with how to do when there is a slowdown on your Mac, regularly cleaning up your Mac with sort of Mac keeper, and then drag the applications lying idle on your Mac. It is no big deal when you are performing a cleanup tool to trash some stuffing on your system, but when it comes to application removal on mac, there might be more things you need to learn.

Generally, there are two kinds of uninstall methods, one is to remove the unwanted applications via a manual way, and the other is to resort to a third party uninstaller to make the unwanted Apps gone from your Mac automatically. There may be difference, yet both the manual and the automatic need to fulfill the same goals. for example,when you need to remove Picasa from Mac, you need to

  • make the Picasa icon disappeared from your Mac
  • clean up all the leftovers of Picasa
  • Empty trash to make complete removal of all the files

Adopting a typical uninstall methods acquires more work, you have to locate the folders containing the associated files of the unwanted application. Usually there are three target folders named /Library/Application Support/, /Library/Preferences/ and also /Library/Caches/. Search for those folders and trash all the files in them. For some Mac users, especially the newbie ones, it is complicated to detect all the components and all the detective works cost too much time. But when there are a smart tool which can help you search for all the leftovers during your removal, no matter how much do you know about Mac, or even know nothing about Mac uninstall, you cam successfully perform application uninstall on it. Compared with the time-costing and complex manual removal method, it is easier to conduct a complete uninstall on Mac, and also save much time for all levels of Mac users.

So if you wanna make your Mac clean and continue to accompany you in the next Christmas holiday, you’d better take action right now and begin a thorough cleaning on your Mac, remove some unused applications from Mac, or clear all the rubbish on it. At last, merry Christmas! Take good care of your Mac and enjoy this special Christmas with a full moon!

How to solve Internet Explorer can not access the site problem

Assign IP address and DNS server:
1. In the lower right corner of the taskbar, click the network connection icon to open the Network and Sharing Center;
2. View the network activity, click the “local connection”;
3. In the Local Connection Status surface, click the “Properties” button;
4. Switch to the “Network” tab, double-click Internet Protocol in using the following items list;
5. In the “General” tab, select the following IP address, fill the IP address and DNS server network operators provide. Continue reading

VilmaTech Guides PC Users How to Remove FBI Cybercrime Division Virus

FBI Cybercrime Division Virus is a notorious cyber threat that dupes innocent users and damages their computers. One of typical symptoms was locking victim computer with a bogus notification that scared to pay $300 in three days; if not, a criminal case is the charge against victim. In many cases, victims are freaking out that the notification looked real that it has the logo of institution and their computers can’t access to desktop or run any programs. The frauds are in the disguise of FBI to fool and scam users, but there is no FBI Cybercrime Division in fact. This virus usually requires victims to pay MoneyPak voucher. In earlier, it took Windows computers as targets but later it began to attack Mac.

FBI Cybercrime Division Virus Continue reading

Facebook, Acquisition of the Israeli Mobile Data Analysis Start-up, Onavo

Recently, the mobile data analysis start -up Onavo of Israel has revealed the message, which stated that Onavo Company was brought by Facebook in its official blog. Facebook is expected to utilize Onavo’s technology on the global Internet project, which named “”.

The co-founder and CEO Mr. Rosen (Guy Rosen) and the CTO Roi Tiger of Onavo company have expressed their thoughts in a statement, claiming that they developed Onavo three years ago, the Onavo products are endowed with the purpose of helping consumers to have a more efficient work on mobile devices. Moreover, the Onavo company is very eager to join Facebook team, and support the mission that connects the world together of Facebook, so that to make Onavo itself more influential.
The “” project founded by Facebook, is aimed at creating a partnership among the global technology pioneers, which will make the numerous mobile Internet users who take up two-thirds of the world population capable of connecting to the Internet. The “” project’s partners include: Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, Opera and Facebook. Continue reading

Trojan horse TDSS.CA – How to Remove Trojan horse TDSS.CA

Trojan horse TDSS.CA is a detrimental and dangerous virus which is easy to be caught with. Whenever and wherever it would intrude into the computers randomly without users’ permissions, and cause serious damage. The author has learned some virus removal instructions from the official blog of VilmaTech Online Support.( and will share some useful tips with Windows users. Once your computer is infected with Trojan horse TDSS.CA, it will secretly shut down all the security software, that is why you haven’t got any alarm and did not realize that your computer has already been infected until it got ugly. Cyber criminals and evil hackers create Trojan horse TDSS.CA with some sophisticated and complex technologies, which can help it break those security software defense or firewall system. When it got into a target computer, it will control the whole system and compromise the system security, it may leak or damage your personal data like your name, phone numbers, private pictures etc. and cause collapse of the entire system. What’s worse, Trojan horse TDSS.CA is considered as a spyware could monitor your behaviour, collecting Web history such as online shopping and other financial transactions which could cause a huge financial loss. Unfortunately, it runs in the background and most of the users can barely find out. Continue reading