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Get Rid of PCKeeper Pop-up Ads with Manual Removal Method

PCKeeper, as its name indicates, is a piece of application that serves to ward off infections and optimize PC performance. As what has been introduced on some downloading sites, PCKeeper “is a bundle of 15 must-have tools and human assistance services”. Yet, it doesn’t win much from PC users, some would say that PCKeeper promises much and ends up doing so little; what’s worse, it triggers pop-up ads. Such ads have been largely on some reputable web sites including YouTube.

Symptoms of Getting PCKeeper Pop-up Ads

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Remove National Security Agency Virus – VilmaTech Expert Guides

National Security Agency virus is a kind of ransomware which would block user’s computer and ask for $300. National Security Agency virus is designed by cyber criminals to cheat people’s money by locking the PC screen. Windows users would receive “Your Computer has Been Locked” warning message when their computers have been infected by this moneypak virus. The main attack target of the NSA virus is United State and a few of Englishing-speaking countries. Actually, the warning message is absolutely fake and it claims that the users have violated copy-right and related rights law- (Video, Music, Software) and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content. It scares the victims they would never have the PC system unblocked and even would be arrested unless they pay the fine in 48 hours. Most of the PC users were shocked when they saw the alerts from National Security Agency virus at the first sigh. 90% of the victims would choose to send the money to strangers in the hope of unblocking their infected computer very soon. Unfortunately, this will never happen because the only purpose of hijacker is to steal your money. After receiving the fine, they would go away and leave you the locked PC. Every time when you try to start the Windows system you can see the nothing but only the large warning message.

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