Apple Watch is hard to universalize as it charges much

Apple Watch is confirmed to be popular, however, its price is still a obstacle for some consumers to get over.

According to a newest survey did by Fluent, the wearable function and convenience are the major selling points for Apple Watch in US. However, its high-end price is still a problem to popularize this device.

The statistics showed among the 2,500 interviewees of this questionnaire survey, 59% of them claimed they might not or certainly will not purchase Apple Watch next year. Only 8% of them surely claimed to purchase one.

The survey also investigated how Apple Watch users to operate it. To starters, 79% of interviewees claimed to mainly use its health and fitness feature and among 56% of them buy Apple Watch mainly for this feature.

Most of them would like to connect Apple Watch with iPhone to access its notifications. Only 2 % of interviewees considered this feature as Apple Watch’ highlight one.

What’s more, 34% of them claimed not to purchase Apple Watch any more because of its expensive price. 31% of them felt Apple Watch is not much use and denied to buy another one.

According to this survey, the healthcare industry is the best field to popularize wearable devices. The developing trends cater to health technology development. It draws much attention from the public to wearable devices.

BI Intelligence analyst Will McKitterick wrote The Wearable in the Healthcare Sector Report. It investigated the application of wearable devices in the Healthcare sector, including users health data collected from wearable devices and healthcare service suppliers and insurance company.

Wearable devices market is still in early stage of development though there are more and more people using them. Its sales volume will reach the compound growth rate at 24.8% in five years. Such device will mainly be produced for ordinary consumers and healthcare sector in the future.

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