Anti-government protests in Turkey


Protesters gather in the main shopping street near Taksim Square in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 16, as riot police clear Gezi Park in Istanbul. Protests that began as a demonstration against the planned demolition of the park have grown into general anti-government dissent across the nation.


Turkish riot police officers use rubber bullets on June 15 to disperse demonstrators in Gezi Park in Istanbul on June 15.


Protesters scramble for safety as Turkish riot police officers push them out of Gezi Park using tear gas and rubber bullets.


Protesters run for cover as riot police spray them with a water cannon on June 15.


A protester throws rocks at police during clashes at the entrance of Gezi Park on June 15.


A protester on June 15, reacts in pain to a salvo of tear gas fired by Turkish riot police chasing out demonstrators in order to dismantle their tent camp in Gezi Park in Istanbul.


Riot police move in a line through the tent camp on June 15.


Protestors fire fireworks as police drive them out of Gezi Park on June 15.


Protesters sleep in Gezi Park in Istanbul’s Taksim Square early Thursday, June 13. Turkey’s prime minister on Thursday called on protesters camped out in the park to pack up and leave.


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