AI helps Hawking talking, but he said AI would be the end of mankind

Recently, the famous British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said, “making a machine which can think is undoubtedly a huge threat to human existence itself. When artificial intelligence fully developed, that day will be the end of mankind. “

This comment is from his improvement problem of technical artificial intelligence, and he himself is using this kind of application to communicate. As we all know, this theoretical physicist who suffers from motor neuron disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (abbreviated ALS) was deprived of voice due to illness, but a new system developed by Intel Corporation helped him re”speak.” British Swiftkey company expert in the field of machine learning are also involved in this development. Their technical can obtain the content of Hawking’s thinking and they can make recommendations on what words he would use, this technology has also been used as a smart phone keyboard software.

Hawking admitted in the interview that it has been proven to be very effective from the basic form of the development of artificial intelligence, but he was afraid of this invention will catch up and even surpass human intelligence. “It (AI) can develop on its own, and reinvent themselves with a speed which we never had, and human is limited to slow biological evolution which unable to compete with AI and eventually human will be completely replaced.”

But there are still lot of people holding optimistic view. Rollo Carpenter, the creator of t a famous network program Cleverbo said, “I believe, in a very long time, human is still living in the technology controller position, and the potential of technology to solve many of the world’s problems will gradually achieve.”

Carpenter also said that there still a long way to go from the entire artificial intelligence, the computing power and algorithms is yet to developed, but he believes they will realize a few years later.

“We don’t know what will happen if the machine is beyond the wisdom of mankind itself, so we don’t know in that time human will be helped by AI, or ignored by AI, or if a lot of people believe that, destroyed by AI.” Nevertheless, he has asserted that AI would be an positive force.

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