5 reasons that Apple Watch might fail

Techradar website recently published an article with the author’s name “Chris Slate”, analyzing the prospect of Apple Watch. Seen from the the present, at the beginning of its launch, there could be great sales volume, however, there are Five reasons shows it is likely to fail.

1. Lack of clear necessary functions

iPod places thousands of songs in user’s pocket, iPad transfers various popular apps to itself as portable device, and iPhone as a smartphone, got rid of the times when Blackberry dominated the market. What’s the unique function that Apple Watch has?

2. Need iPhone’s support

Any users without the latest iPhone won’t be able to user Apple Watch, which is a serious limit problem. Although a plenty of users have iPhone, the fact is that the cellphone of its competitors also own most market shares.

3. Users are not wearing a watch

It’s been so many years since I wore a watch. But after I got used to check time with iPhone, I quit wearing it. And I think it has been a very common phenomenon. Who will actually wear a watch when there is already a device showing time? Of course, it won’t be the problem of those who never gave up on watches. But Apple needs to convinced users that Apple Watch is worth wearing.

4. More carrying burdens.

Nowadays, there are various digital devices including cellphone, tablet, health tracker and handheld game machine in people’s pockets. It’s safe to say that every Apple Watch user will carry an iPhone. It matters whether it’s worth carrying while it will take some space.

5. High-priced

The entry-level Apple Watch is estimated to sell at US$350, which is US$150 higher than that of entry-level iPhone 6. Yet the higher price doesn’t show its value through the functions. Perhaps many users would think Apple Watch is awesome but not necessary.

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