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Clearing your computer’s trash within 30 seconds

Have you ever noticed that your computer system’s available disk space is decreasing day by day? Just like an old man, acting slower and slower every day.

Yes! During the installation and use of the Windows there will generates quite a lot of junk files, including temporary files (such as:. * Tmp, * ._ mp) log files (* .log), temporary help files (* .gid), disk check file (* .chk), temporary backup files (such as:.. * old, * bak) and other temporary files. Especially if you don’t clear IE’s temporary files folder “TemporaryInternetFiles” for a while,the cache file will occupy hundreds of MB of disk space. Continue reading

Forbes: iPhone is the achilles heel of Apple Watch

Apparently Apple has high hopes in its new product – Apple Watch, which is also the beginning that it exploits a new area. It makes strategic sense that Apple Watch will become the core strategy of “post-iPhone era”, and a magic weapon which keeps great profits in the gradually saturated market. Seen from the product form, Apple Watch is defined as iPhone’s best partner, but on the flip side of the coin, iPhone could be Apple Watch biggest weakness.

Continue reading

Microsoft’s official description: Win10 officially announced

October 1st morning, Microsoft released a technical preview version of Win10 in San Francisco, introducing some new features of Windows10. Now Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft’s operating system business wrote a article about the officially announcing of Win10, with the release of Win10, Microsoft also will enter a new stage. The following is the article: Continue reading