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YooSecurity Guides: How to Remove Cheshire Police Authority Virus

What is Cheshire Police Authority virus? You must be confused that why the computer would be infected by the Cheshire Police Authority virus. Cheshire Police Authority virus is a kind of ransomware which designed by the hacker to trick PC users’ money. A part of the PC users may be quite familiar with the some ransomware such as Ukash Virus, Police Cybercrime Investigation Department, PCEU Virus. All of them will block your computer system and then ask you to pay them a fine about $100 – $200. It is possible to catch the this virus by antivirus but it is extremely difficult to remove it by variety of top antiviruses such as Macfee, AVG, MSE, etc. It is because the virus has been made by those hackers who knows the antivirus very well, which will enable the virus to escape from the antivirus’s scanning. The new type of ransomware is called Cheshire Police Authority Ransomware Virus.

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